Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today was an odd day.....

I know that I said I was going to chronologically update my blog according to my photographic cataloguing.... but I'm going to sneak in one blog entry that describes my day, April 15th, Tax day. Three things happened throughout the course of my work day that were out of the ordinary and completely unrelated. My day started out the same as always, completely crazy, putting out fires, packing activity into every minute.

The first crazy thing that happened had me on the MAX train from Beaverton to Downtown Portland over the lunch hour. I had an appointment at the travel clinic, where I was to have a yellow fever vaccination. This turned into three shots, a soar arm and an unexpected credit card expenditure. YIKES!! Who thought staying disease and bacteria free was so darn expensive? It was a great consult and now I have Malaria pill prescriptions, back-up antibiotics, and bug repellent to purchase. Peru is just around the corner and my appointment today helped wake-up my urge to travel to far away destinations. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

The second crazy event of the day.... was helping to provide care to a gentleman in my program. Because I am larger in stature....uh hmmm... I help to provide shower care for a gentlemen. I dread this day. Not because I am opposed to assisting with personal care, but because it is difficult to see firsthand how dementia can change somebody's personality for the worse. Being punched at, kicked, and called names that I wouldn't say in front of my Mother, all while trying to derobe and wash somebody is a difficult task. Needless to say, once it is over, it is clear that being clean feels good. It is a difficult 1 hour and 20 minutes, but it absolutely continues to fuel my desire to help people with dementia, or better known in my dissertation and PWD!

Last event.... this has completely to do with my alter ego. When I was living in Corvallis, I was teaching college classes as part of my tuition remission and assistantship requirements. This included my first large class of 120 students in a large auditorium. Well, there are some new staffers in the building I work in and one of the younger gentlemen proceeded to tell me today that I was his teacher. Yep. He was in my first large class. This was absolutely mortifying to me, because I try and forget the fear that came over me before teaching in front of such a large audience and now to be reminded at work of all that... not cool. So the alter ego comes in because I realized on my first day of teaching class that if professors don't know what they are talking about, they have to fake and it fast! I did!

It was one of those days. Luckily, It was Karen's 26th birthday and so I took her out for beer and tatertots at OaksPark pub in Sellwood. Happy Day!

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