Saturday, July 26, 2008

don't judge...

A yearly tradition continues. Every summer my Buddha kitty gets a haircut. I get a lot of flack from my cat lover friends about 'robbing' my cat of his coat. But, hear me out- there are some good reasons for this little ritual.

First, Buddha has a serious hairball problem. About every April, after a full winter of cleaning himself regularly, he vomits hairballs all over my apartment every other day. I have tried all the vet's recommendations; medicines, digestive cat food, etc. and nothing has worked. Once his coat is shaved, he literally has nothing to expel. I'm a fan. Second, Buddha runs around like a teenager streaking for the first time when I liberate him from his heavy coat on a hot Oregon day. He literally gallops around and even taunts Baby with more confidence. Third, he actually enjoys getting shaved. I think he is part metrosexual because he loves loves to be groomed. He used to hate it, but now I think he believes it is a massage.

No matter what I say, it still seems a bit peculiar.. me shaving my cat... Luckily for me, I find comfort in the fact that I did not initiate this act by myself, and there was another person who was equally guilty in subjecting my kitty to baldness for the first time.

This year I tried something a little different... the 'Mohawk' cut. I have been super busy, so I was unable to pick up the studded leather collar to complete the look. Maybe next year.

I love my Buddha and I think he loves looking like a stud. If you have any hairdo suggestions for kitties, send them my way!

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