Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It's official. Milwaukie, Oregon is now home to my new favorite restaurant. I saw an ad for Canby Asparagus Farm Casa de Tamales in the newspaper and enjoyed the most tasty chicken and asparagus tamale ever! For those of you in the Portland area, this restaurant is worth heading south to Milwaukie for. Don't forget to call me so I can meet you there!

The Tamale was $6 and for an additional $2.95 you can purchase rice and beans. I was plenty satisfied with only my tamale, which had spicy fresh salsa and sour cream. They also have Chiles Relenos, Nacatamal (a Nicaraguan style tamale), burritos, grilled asparagus with shrimp and tons of other tasty treats. Loved it. Recommend it!

Check out there website: http://www.canbyasparagusfarm.com

Happy Eats!

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