Monday, July 14, 2008

Yesterday I was a biker chick

Yesterday I finally went for a ride with my friend Ned. I have known Ned for almost as long as I have lived in my insy tinsy apartment in Milwaukie. He hangs out at the Milwaukie Starbucks where I worked on my dissertation for several hours every week for many months. He is that guy that knows everyone. He is a straight up Harley Biker who has been riding for many many decades. I have been meaning to join him for a ride, but haven't been in town on a weekend for a while now, so this past weekend we finally hit the pavement.

We rode the backroads down to corvallis, but first we made a stop at Paradise Harley in Tigard. They serve free pancakes every Sunday, which were very tasty. I sat on a few bikes and then I sat on the V-ROD which made me drool all over myself. Enough drooling..... We got on the road and headed south. It was a beautiful ride on River Road which I had never travelled before. It was about 94 degrees, so it was a little hot, but tolerable. Once in Corvallis, we had lunch at the New Morning Bakery.... Chicken enchilada casserole.... uhmm. yummy.

Ned posing for a lunchtime picture-We took 99 back to Portland and ended the day with a cold drink from Starbucks. Did I mention I love this Starbucks? This particular coffee shop attracts the same crowd of older adults full of great stories. I always find myself hanging out with much older people?? What's the deal? With that- off to get a coffee now.

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