Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hobo beach camping

Last weekend we set out for some good old car camping. We headed for the coast with our comfy sleeping bags, whole foods deli items, smores makings, and surf stuff. Our goal was to score a great spot on the Nehalem River and commute to the coast on Saturday for surfing. Of course it never works out like you plan and usually turns into an adventure.
By the time we finally left town and ended up at the river, there were no spots left. Actually let me rephrase that..... The hobo camping spot was left. We camped right next to where the bridge has washed away and the combination of transient garbage and the bullet hole beer cans gave our camping spot that 'lived in feel'. Luckily Heather and I were accompanied by our friend Tim so we didn't feel completely vulnerable.The next day we headed for the coast and managed to get a campsite at the Nehalem Bay campground. Unfortunately, it was freezing and Very windy making the surf terrible. We made the best of it by keeping ourselves busy at the campground.

Thomas, Heather and Amye joined us after playing in Portland's 3-on-3 street b-ball tourney.

Burma belongs to Tim. This white pitbull Boxer mix has a lot of energy and played ostrich in the sand. He is such a cutie and thinks that my pumpkin is a cutie too. We had to make sure he was not in 'humping' distance. He is also deaf, making him difficult to redirect. Interesting fact- most white pitbulls are deaf.

Heather and Tim looking cute at the beach.

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