Tuesday, October 28, 2008

from broken down to crackin' up

My day started out not so good. Woke up with a headache, but figured I would drink an extra cup of coffee at work and the caffeine would take care of it. It eventually did when I had my first cup at 11Am. I was late to work because today my motorcycle broke down. It did not run out of gas, nor did the battery die. It slowly 'puttered' intermittently as I made my way through the morning rush. The putters became more frequent. I decided NOT to get on the freeway and that was when she died..... on the sidewalk... right off of 4th in Downtown Portland. I seriously thought the putters were because it was about 38 degrees this morning and my stubbornness has kept me riding to work despite the freezing of fingers and facial parts. I realized when it didn't start that my troubles were far greater than a chilly engine. Long story short- I popped the clutch and jump started it 3 times on my way back to Milwaukie and my motorcycle mechanic. Unfortunately, my jumpstarts were on the sidewalk because it was peak morning traffic time. I'm sure those in bumper-to-bumper traffic were trying to figure out what the heck I was doing. All is well now. My beloved Shadow is at the chopper shop and hopefully the repair costs will be low.

Now for some good news..... I love period photos and it was last year on Halloween that I had my hair and make-up done 40's style(pic on the top right hand corner). Little did I know I could have saved my money and just inserted my face into different yearbook shots. I was laughing out loud to myself and the animals.... almost as much laughter as when I watch America's Funniest Home Videos (yes, I'm one of those people....). Anywho, I have posted my pics with some remarks below. You would probably enjoy these more if you go to http://www.yearbookyourself.com/ and pasted in your own face.
1950- love it

1952- little orphan Annie

1954- oh dear... not my best look

1956- yeah

1960- dig it.. reminds me of my junior high homeEc teacher

1962- wins the award for 'highest maintenance'

1964- remove the glasses and I look very much like my Madre! I wish I had her cheekbones!

1966- love this look and would need a bottle of product to get that body!

1968- this is my June Carter-Cash look

1970- not a fan of this one

1972- again... I look like a man dressed up as a woman.. no good.

1976- Kimberly Drummond- sister on Different Strokes?? 'Whatchutalkinbout Willis?'

1978- yEah- Gettin' down with my bad self!

1980- "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"
1982- this picture definitely cracked me up the most! I look like a mushroom head.

1986- Lionel Richie?

1990- Okay, this is probably the most realistic picture of all of these. I admit that I tried to make my hair as poofy as my sister's, but only ever managed to create what looked like over-hairsprayed dog ears. Being a teenager is tough.....

1994- D.J. from Full House?

1996- Acid washed vest? Very Cool!

2000- look at those bangs. not my cup of tea, but interesting nonetheless.

Seriously, when you need a pick-me-up, insert your face into other people's heads. Too much fun!


Carrie said...

Do you really think that I had poofy hair in the early 90's? I thought 1988 was my poofiest year... : > )

babybuddhalover said...

I agree that 1988 was your poofiest year. I think that photo was actually one of your senior pics. It looks exactly like your hair did in '88. I tried to make my hair look like yours, but it just didn't. I hate to think about my hair history.....