Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Monster Mash

This picture captured a moment from one of those epic nights in high school when every detail was so exciting that it would be etched in your memory forever. We decked ourselves out in Kentwood colors, even going so far as to paint our faces for the big football game. After the game, students flocked to the most popular haunted house, where we all gladfully waited for over an hour in what seemed like 20 degree weather to get into the creepiest house ever. I can't remember if we won the game that night, but every year when Halloween rolls around, I think of that night and how great it was to be young. No responsibilities, Mom's car, hot boys, 4th period (goof-off period), dreams of college life, varsity sports...... It was a great year.

The picture below is an up-to-date photo from a local haunted house we conquered this evening. All the screams, ghosts and goblins were there to scare the bejesus out of us and I loved it! Oh the drama...

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