Sunday, October 26, 2008

long time- no blog

I haven't posted in a while. I think it because I had hoped to blog again with good news.... news about a job with the county. But it wasn't meant to be. The truth is none of the jobs I have interviewed for have been close to my 'dream job', so I guess this may all be happening for a reason. The problem is that I need health insurance and piece of mind. So in the meantime, smaller jobs will become real options and I have decided that there is one positive thing to come from recent events- I will be snowboarding a lot this winter.

It is difficult to communicate to family and friends how freeing snowboarding is for me. I think that the universe does continue to work it's magic, because my inability to find a full-time job is hard, but it is difficult to frown for long when I think about spending multiple days a week on a mountain this coming season. It isn't just scenically stunning, but mentally and physically challenging. So- I will catch up on my blogging starting this evening and sleep peacefully with the knowledge that a job will come my way when it is meant to be and while I'm waiting I will get to be close to nature with a board strapped to my feet.

In the spirit of snowboard blog entries, I have to mention a FREE activity I attended this past Thursday(I've become dynamite at finding free Portland activities lately). Burton sponsored an event at the newly remodeled and very swanky Grand Central Bowling and Entertainment Center. The event included the premiere of Burton's newest snowboard movie, a free drink, free food, and free bowling with professional snowboarders. The place was packed and we waited our turn to bowl with a Pro. I thought bowling with the pros was cool, but because I don't pay too much attention to them I was more excited to bowl. I didn't recognize any of the pros because honestly I spend most of my snowboard energy on the slopes. I had no clue which guy was our pro so I spoke to him as if he was just another person enjoying some free bowling.

Well, it turns out I had something in common with my assigned pro. His name was Jussi Oksanen and he rocks. A LONG time ago, he made a board with Lamar and I ended up buying this very board in '98 and spent at least 6 seasons on this board. It traveled with me to Europe to the Alps, and has been down several slopes in North America from Whistler, to Vermont, to Utah, and to Idaho. This board has been good to me. Currently, my friend Heather is using it and now after hanging with Jussi himself, I will not get rid of this board. A cell phone pic with Jussi shows just how much fun was had that evening! Who would have thunk that of all the pros, I would be bowling with the guy who made my board!

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