Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sweet ride Betty!!!

Today I spent the day with Betty in Beaverton, Oregon. Many months ago the ladies and I planned a trip, which included climbing the South Sister today, October 4th. Unfortunately, the bad weather, a nasty cold, lack of cash flow and a summer full of weekend trips kept us from taking our last planned trip. Even though we didn't climb the South Sisters today, Betty and I still accomplished a huge task. Betty bought a car. A Very Nice Car!

I should first start out with a before picture. Meet the Cavalier. It doesn't run anymore. It was a very good car, but it was tired.

Now meet the 'Coconut'. Betty had her eye on this car for the last week since it was advertised at such a low price. We finally took it for a test drive but, unfortunately it had a nice shimmy when driving at 65 mph, providing an explanation for why it hadn't sold. This was concerning enough to not buy the car. They offered to have their service staff look at it and after they re-aligned the brand new tires they just put on the car, the problem was completely resolved. Betty had found a great deal! It's interim name is the 'Coconut' because the CarFax report stated the car was purchased and licensed in Hawaii. While we were thoroughly inspecting the trunk area, we came across some non-Oregonesque sand that was full of small shell pieces. Betty's car came complete with a Hawaiian Sandbox!

Congrats Betty on your New Car! I love this car and I have to admit that it was difficult to get back into my lovely Ford SUV after driving her sporty new, gas saving, SUV around Beaverton! Yay for Coconuts!

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