Friday, October 10, 2008

lucky me....

Have you ever noticed when you experience something repeatedly without explanation? Last night while I was waiting for a light to change in the evening traffic rush, I was next to that guy.... the guy who picks his nose. I know people pick their noses, but for some reason I have been lucky enough to stop next to the nosepicker at least once every other week for what seems like several months. I usually look just long enough to recognize that they are digging for gold, but last night I was so entranced by the fact that I have had so many nosepicking observer episodes that I didn't look away immediately. While I was recounting my unfortunate sightings the small Asian gentleman turned his head and caught me staring with my mouth open. Ooopsies! It was incredibly awkward and even worse when I let a little giggle out. I felt really bad for laughing at him and I'm pretty sure I have never sat so low in my seat.

Maybe I always have nosepicking on the mind and this why either I see it when it is in a 20 foot radius, or I attract nosepicking energy? Not sure if I will ever know.

What kind of lucky uninvited experiences do others have?

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gimlet eyed said...

i always seem to be in the right place to see a boob "adjustment". and i never seem to mind. go figure.