Friday, May 4, 2012

Change is a comin'

I'm not messing around.

I want my cells to be superstars and while my change is gradual (it's SO hard to cut out sugar and dairy!), I'm doing it.

I've been studying the Crazy Sexy Diet book by Kris Carr. She has been such an inspiration to me! I've slowly been transitioning into my new food outlook and am drinking a lot of smoothies, (need to juice more) and also eating very wholesome healthy and filling dishes.

Here's my first smoothie ever-

It was actually quite tasty! A Basil, Lemon, Cucumber and Celery frozen treat. It was surprisingly refreshing! Getting used to the gritty factor has been a little challenging, but I just visualize healthy organic fruits and veggies reprogramming my insides.....
It ain't pretty!
Bigger grocery bills, a messy kitchen and increased food prep time have been a little hard to get used to, but I'm worth it!
This was a DELICIOUS carrot, apple, cucumber, celery, banana and flax seed oil smoothie. I need to go with more green, but I'm not going to be too hard on myself just yet.
Smoothies and juice are good, but what can I eat when I want to get full and stay full? Brown rice, quinoa, onions, avocado, tomatoes, mung bean sprouts, olive oil/balsamic vinegar and a touch of fresh lime juice washed down with a big glass of alkaline water. Holy Crap this was tasty and it didn't take long to prepare. I love my rice cooker! I just threw the quinoa in with the rice and it worked!
How about a smoothie for the road?  This started out with Kale, Crenshaw Melon, cucumber and hemp milk. It tasted like poo though. I learned this morning that you can make any smoothie deliciously edible by adding more hemp milk, a banana and a little bit of stevia! Yummo!

My apologies for the excessive posts about my new healthy food creations that may pop up in the future. I think I might really get into this whole lifestyle change thingy. I feel compelled to live for a very long time, and I think this will help!

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