Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank you DAVE!

My Brother drove down from Seattle this past weekend to visit with me. I asked him if we could take some junk to the dump and he ended up working for several hours in my yard! He cleaned out a few of my garden beds and also mowed some very out of control grass in my yard. This was the first day I started to really feel like I was getting back to myself. It was an AWESOME day!!

 I love these people!
Dump Run!
 The day after Dave left, Mom and I rushed to the Portland Nursery to pick up some starters. I'm getting a late start on this garden- but better late than never!!!
 Do you see that lovely Buddha in the back of my cart? That's an early Birthday present from my Mom! I love this Buddha! I know he will make my back yard more peaceful!
Had to hurry up and plant my starters. I also bought a few too many, so they're kind of close to each other....oopsies!
This is not his final resting place. I just needed to snap a quick shop so I could adore him indoors! LOVE!

Thank you again David for all your help! It really helped me get back to feeling like myself. I'm also really excited about spending this beautiful spring season in my yard! Love you!

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