Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gales Creek hike

Saturday was a great day for a hike. My friend Jerad took Baby and I to Gales Creek trailhead just West of Forest Grove, Oregon. The trail was pretty overgrown, with several fallen trees that have yet to be cleared by the forest service. It was pretty chilly, but beautiful. It snowed almost the entire time we were out there.

I think the pups enjoyed being out in nature as much as I did! There were several areas where the trail had been washed out by a major landslide a few years back. Baby was forced to find her inner 'mighty-dog' and she managed to gracefully jump over several obstacles. At ten years old, she is still going strong!
Barley crossing a wooden bridge.
Baby and I posing for a picture.
The growth on the trees was beautiful. I feel for those that hike with me, because when I see something beautiful, I just have to take a picture! Often times that includes pictures of my Pumpkin with snowflakes on her nose....

I also have to include at least one cheesy pic. 
A photo of a late winter moon.
After a hike I had THE BEST Jalapeno chicken with brown rice and mango salsa. I was starving after the hike, so this was a real treat. Geez do I feel spoiled! It was nice to be on a trail today. I can't wait for the summer backpacking season to begin!


Trevor and Sara said...

I love that picture of Barley on the bridge! Did somebody make you that chicken????

babybuddhalover said...

Aaahh Yes. That would be Jerad. Looks good ha?