Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a little bit of tele??

Today Erica, Betty and myself made it to Mt. Hood. Big surprise- a trip to hood... I know. The trip was not my usual trip, because I rented telemark skis and joined the frustrating and difficult world of 'beginners'. I thought I would just try it for a day and spend some quality time on buttercup with the ladies. Unfortunately, I liked it... a lot.... This has got to stop! I do not have room for more gear and I do not have money for more gear. I have to admit that this sport was challenging and that makes me want to do it again. I can also say that my quads are burning right now and that is also very appealing.

We had to stop at Joe's Donut Shop so Erica could have the entire Mt. Hood experience. She was pretty pumped and had two poses for me. I love the following pictures so much, I had to share them both. SHE CRACKS ME UP!

Getting used to new equipment is never fun. Betty was helping Erica and she did Great!! She is a natural!
Erica in Action!
I took Betty to the top and she killed it! You would never know that she has only been on a board 3 times!!
I really enjoyed my Telemark experience. I hate that I liked it so much. I'm already contemplating the date of my next rental. Ugh!
Erica and I on the lift.
Betty posing on top of the mountain.
These two ladies are a blast to hang out with. Today was so much fun and I look forward to doing it again real soon-

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