Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes I just don't blog as fast as I should! Last Wednesday night I was so lucky to see Miss Jamie from Minnesota. Jamie used to live in Portland and work in my dementia program. She was so fantastic that after knowing her for just a short time I felt compelled to ask her what her grad school plans were. I had to ask her because I just felt like the world needed her to get her Master's so she could get lots of grant money to start her own programs. She is super smart, emotionally intuitive, compassionate and basically just tuned into people.

Now Jamie is almost done with her first year and is even interested in dementia! Yay for people with dementia! The other thing you should know about Jamie is that she epitomizes what an Oregonian is! She is outdoorsy, socially and environmentally responsible, and she really knows how to wear earth tones.... Great fashion sense!

A few of us met up with Jamie and it was so great to catch up. The best part of the evening was hearing that she wants to return to Oregon! This makes me very happy.

A quick pic of the ladies outside the Imbibe off of Hawthorne.
Jamie Rocks! Seriously- what was I saying about wearing earth tones?
One last pic before we departed.

She is so much fun to spend time with I didn't want to stop hanging out! The good news is that Jamie is the type of friend that I have a strong feeling I will be seeing in the future and hopefully we will be working together again, only this time she will be therapeutically introducing nature to people with dementia in a way that will make their lives better. I can't wait to see what she will do!

Miss you Jamie! Please come back to Oregon for good!

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