Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I really wasn't going to blog about this.........

......but, what the heck. Why not?

If you are offended by the male or female reproductive anatomy - please stop reading now. 

If you are comfortable with penises and vaginas, read on.

This post evolved from a little gag gift that Heather and I have put to good use since we moved in together. The magic gift was a baking pan in the shape of a penis. I know-- it is seems a bit childish, but we get a good laugh by creating different treats with our new bakeware. 

Our original plan was to have people over for a housewarming party with goal of using up all the food that we had both brought with us from our previous residences. You know, the boxed starchy side dishes, dried beans, ramen soup, canned vegetables, etc. We wanted our pantry back! Then we wondered which of those foods we could prepare in our new bakeware for a themed party? Heather labeled it 'the phallic foods festival of '09'. Then Erica suggest the P and V party with the idea of including the anatomy of both sexes. My goodness it got out of hand and before we knew it, we had an apartment full of people eating great food. 

I felt like I needed to post this because my roomie and her boyfriend make fantastic food with special attention given to the presentation. The following pic captures the detail Heather put into her cheese plate. 
This cheese plate included a Chevre, Colby and blue cheese. It also had olive tapenade, blueberries, dried figs and dried kiwi fruit. 

Erica and Dave brought strawberries and cream.
I prepared a veggie plate (I can't look at this pic without giggling**blush**blush**).
Heather was able to use the male inspired bakeware to make both angel food cake and a jello mold. 
We all sat around the table eating and having some good laughs.
Heather's boyfriend Matt made one of his delicious salads with dressing from scratch. He did manage to actually use something from our pantry. Hearts of Palm from a jar I bought at Costco about 2 years ago. Yay for freeing up pantry space!

So Yeah.... This post is a bit awkward, but it was all in good fun. and just so you don't think the V's were under represented at the party, we had bunt cake, red pepper vaginas, Pigs in a blanket with both body parts..... There were all kinds of human body creations. 

We should celebrate our body parts... right? I think this is part of the 30's thing. I definitely feel that I'm growing more comfortable with myself and my body as I grow older. At this rate maybe I'll be a stripper by the time I'm 50? Bad Idea.... I know.... I'll pass on the stripper thing!

Off to the beach tomorrow with my brother, his oldest boy and a ton of my brother's guy friends. Should be fun! 

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Daphne said...

Oh my god, that is too funny.