Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my new neighbors

Meet Mama bird:
There is a convenient path near my building that provides a short cut to downtown Milwaukie. I use it often when taking Baby on a walk or when I go for a jog. Lately it is impossible to walk this little nature path without getting dive bombed by Mama bird. I finally walked a little slower and found a little nest at eye level. Three cute little hungry babies.... they are getting bigger and less awkward looking everyday!
I love-love the bird life around our new place! 

I'm staying pretty busy otherwise. Today I ran errands all day. I found a discounted indoor bike rack for our bicycles. I was also on the hunt for a bedside stand..... no luck as of yet. I did buy the hardware and materials for a shelf I'm going to mount above the water heater. Buddha will literally have a throne to do his business in. I'll take pictures and post the final product.  I loaded the car with stuff to go to Mom's house. I will make a short 16 hour trip to Seattle tomorrow night. Lastly and most important-- I purchased my fishing license! Betty and I will be getting our first camping trip of the season in this weekend. A quick two day trip on Friday night! I CAN NOT WAIT TO BE UNDER THE STARS!!!!

More later-

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