Tuesday, June 2, 2009

still unpacking....

So.... not really too much to report on these days. I have been busy unpacking the last of my boxes, making space for all my stuff, having friends over that I haven't seen in a while, enjoying the sunshiney weather, listening to the bird sanctuary that is my front and backyard and of course, tormenting my pets. 
Erica has been working so hard on her dissertation! She sent it off to her committee and I insisted she come over for a celebratory meal! I made Roasted Veggies and Asparagus garlic pesto whole wheat pasta. Heather and I also had to take some time to dress up Baby and Buddha. Baby wore her Harley outfit and Buddha was lucky enough to wear a Peter Pan outfit that Heather's dog Inka outgrew long ago. 
Buddha wasn't a fan of his new digs.....   good times!

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