Friday, May 29, 2009

In the new place, finally

The last week has been VERY busy! I packed, moved some boxes, packed some more, then moved the rest of my stuff into the new place. I like the new place! A Lot! It feels great to move into a new space, a fresh start I guess you could say. My Roomie is great and took the liberty of moving 'us' into the kitchen. Heather is great in the kitchen and she somehow managed to find space for all of our stuff. The apartment also has a great floor plan for dinner parties and get togethers. I'm looking forward to those events--
This is a pic of the morning sun from the back porch. We have a little river behind the building. The little river, the morning sun, a cup of coffee and the new Oregon Wilderness Backpacking book (given to us as a housewarming gift from Betty) made this morning perfect! 

Last night Betty came over and I made shrimp, quinoa and fresh veggie salad for dinner. I think this set up is going to work out just fine! Did I mention that I will be paying HALF the rent that I used to? Cherry on top of a special cake(I'll blog about that cake later).

Happy sunshiney day! I'm taking the pup for a walk.


Rebeca W-C said...

Yay! No more crappy upstairs neighbors!

babybuddhalover said...

Yes and it is worth the extra stairs!

Let the dinner parties begin!! When are you coming over?