Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Day(s)!

Today is my 23rd.... uhm hm.... I mean my 31st birthday. Twenty three just sounded so good. Honestly though, I'm really at peace with my birthday this year. I dreaded my 30th least year. I even fled to Peru, thinking it would keep me from thinking about what transitioning into my 30's really meant. Well I have had a whole year to think about it, and it turns out that being single, educated, and empowered isn't so bad. I think I'm going to just slow down and enjoy the ride.....

My friend Erica just emailed me an astrological reading for the Taurus and I feel like it sums up a powerful change that is occurring within me. She found it on Rob Brezny's site and it goes like this: "'The people of future generations will win many a liberty of which we do not yet even feel they want,' said German philosopher Max Stimer. That bracing prediction has special meaning for you right now, Taurus. According to my astrological analysis, you are just becoming aware of freedoms that have not previously been on your radar screen. And as soon as you register the full impact of what they entail and how much fun they would be, you'll be wildly motivated to bring them into your life". Nicely said and I'm looking forward to it thank ya very much!

On this day I am reminded that I AM surrounded by people that love me. Thank you Thank you Thank you to my family and friends that contacted me in some way either with a phone call, email, on facebook, with a text message, with happy thoughts, or birthday card. I feel loved!!

I did a little impromptu planning this year. I pretty much wanted two things for my Bday this year; rollerskating and sushi. Sunday night I met up with some friends in my old hood for some beer, rollerskating and ice cream at the Dairy Queen. Sounds great, right? 

We went to the Sunday night Skate session. The music was a live organ and the average age of skaters was about 60! 
Betty and I 'hanging' out by the pay phone.
This was my favorite pic from the night. This couple had to have been over 75 and this older lady was sporting some skating tights and a skirt and she looked Gooooooood!
After rollerskating, my friend Clarissa bought me a dipped cone. She told the DQ worker that it was my birthday and this is what she made for me! I was overwhelmed by the size of my dipped cone and could only eat half of it! I was kind of disappointed in myself, but didn't want to get sick on my birthday. Good times.

The next day I had to work. But after work, I planned to eat dinner at the most authentic restaurant in the United States! Syun Izakawa and Sake house makes the most delicious Japanese food and it is located in Hillsboro, OR! Hillsboro is located about 45 minutes west of downtown Portland. The restaurant is located in the basement of an old library. 

I had the caterpillar roll. It had my favorite spicy tuna inside and avocado on the outside. DELICIOUS!!!
Jennifer had some type of beef dish. It looked kind of raw, but she liked it.
Rebeca's order ended up being a martini glass with raw tuna and raw egg. It was surprising, but her raw tuna was amazing!!! This must have been a fantastic cut of tuna. It was soft, tasty, tender and not fishy! 
Jennifer, Sally and Jon.
Rebeca, Me and Soph. 

It was so much fun! Thanks to everybody who helped me celebrate!

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