Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunny Spring Sunday

It is that time of year again...... for farmers markets and barbecues! Milwaukie had it's first farmers market of the season. I love this farmers market. They have fresh veggies, plant start ups, local honey, fresh DONUTS, music, coffee, fresh baked goods, and the list goes on and on. Whenever I'm in town for the weekend, I go out of my way to attend this farmers market.
Plenty of artsy goods too...

Fresh squeezed juice...... And this year there is a new addition!!!  Naturally sweetened, fat free shaved ice! I had Mango and I am in love with this healthy, natural, delicious treat! 
After a relaxing neighborhood walk and attending the farmers market , Baby and I went to a friends Barbecue. Temojai is a neighbor and has become a very good friend. She is moving to Burns, Oregon for 6 months in a few weeks and I will miss her and her boyfriend Brian (stay tuned for posts from the official middle of nowhere, Burns, Oregon!). She invited me over to her Mom's house to celebrate Mom's day with their family. There was tons of food, little girls and little girly fun had!

Jathia is Temojai's niece. She is super smart and creative. 
We have started a ritual every time I make a trip to her house.... we play beauty shop and I love it! I think it started out when I was a child. I loved it when my Mom ran her fingers through my hair. Now, I love to have my hair brushed, played with, etc. Jathia likes to do my hair, then either draw a picture or take a picture of her creation. She's great!
This is a pic of Aubry (Jathia's little sis). Temojai is the very proud owner of an African Grey named Ash, who coincidentally happens to be perching on this cute little girl's toe. What a brave little one!
Of course I would have loved to have spent Mother's day with me Madre. However, I am thankful that I have great friends who feel like family in the PDX area. What a great day it was!

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Trevor and Sara said...

I want to go to the Farmers Market and have shaved ice!!!!