Saturday, May 9, 2009

How quickly we forget

Isn't it strange how after we complete extremely difficult tasks, we are quick to forget how much agony we experienced? It seemed like for me Grad school both in Delaware and Oregon State provided me with many 'oh crap, are you kidding me?' experiences. For example, at Delaware I was advised to take a video statistics course that had a recommended prerequisite course(which I never took), but at the time I didn't know any better. So I took the course, was way to busy to complete the weekly assignments on a weekly basis, not to mention I didn't understand them since they were too difficult and being taught by a man in a box in my living room. I put all the assignments off until the end of the quarter. I completely freaked out. I felt like I hit rock bottom. How could I have let that happen? 

It is so funny to me that that event which caused me to cry, a lot, was so easy to forget because it is out of sight out of mind. Well, I did end up finishing that course because I am stubborn. I requested an extension, hired a tutor and painstakingly worked on each problem separately with my tutor at the computer lab. Oh and I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten over that little speed bump without the care and compassion of my Mommy. Thanks Mom.

So the only reason I'm bringing this up is because I have been meeting with my Very good friend Erica frequently as she completes her dissertation process. She is finishing on nearly the same timeline I did last year. Only last year I was the one grueling over transcripts and statistical output! It felt like a decade ago! I just think it is crazy how stress can make any given task feel like a mountain and yet once we conquer it, we look forward and easily forget how much we have accomplished. 

Here's to Erica and the most important time of her dissertation process. I keep telling her we are going to look back on all this work and laugh at how much sleep we lost. Although I wouldn't change anything, so I guess we are doing something right?

Erica coding her transcriptions....
Erica re-fueling with strong New Seasons Coffee...... (Hhmmmm... New Seasons is yummy!!)
And a smile for the cheesy photog and her camera.
After my pump-up session with Erica, I decided to take Baby on a local trail. Just over 2 months ago I found what I believe is Milwaukie, Oregon's coolest treasure. It is called Elk Rock. This Island is just south of downtown Milwaukie and is home to a nature preserve. 
A photo of Baby enjoying what was an AmAzInG Saturday afternoon!
Unfortunately, because it is spring run-off time, you can not access the island unless you are willing to swim. When I discovered the park a few months ago, Baby and I were able to hop across the half-filled tide pools, gaining easy access to the Island itself. This time we found a cozy spot on a flat warm rock to read for a couple hours. It was really relaxing, which I kept thinking was the exact opposite of the stress I experienced this time last year! 
On our way back up the trail we watched a Blue Heron.
Also captured some more fun flowering tree photos.

So I know this is a random post, so I will just add one more thing because I can and want to. Last night I splurged on a movie. Yes... I went to a movie in the movie theatre! I never pay for movies, I don't even pay for cable or have a TV screen larger than my laptop.... But I had heard so much about the new Star Trek Movie and decided to go. 

Here is my recommendation for this movie:         GO!! It was great! I was sad when the movie ended and was already wishing they would make another one! I'm not a trekky, but I really enjoyed the special effects.  Worth every penny!!

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