Monday, May 4, 2009

short but sweet

I made a quick trip home this past weekend to go to a wedding with my Mom. I really only spent 36 hours in Seattle, but managed to complete a lot. The first highlight of my visit was hanging out with my Sister and my Mom on Saturday night. I am so proud of my Sister! She is in nursing school and has been formally recognized for being cool and wanting to help older adults. I don't want to burst her bubble, so all I will say is SHE ROCKS!!

On Saturday, Baby and I enjoyed our favorite trail on the Weyerhauser campus, then my brother Dave and Will came over for some outside fun. 
No surprise here... We played outside and had fun exploring my Mom's yard. I managed to take a few shots, one of which is on my photo blog.Will made sure he helped my Mom increase her Dandelion population.

Will and G-ma Julie.

On Sunday night I went to Sam and Darbie's wedding with my Madre. Their wedding was short and sweet with a Fantastic cake. Loved the design and use of colors.
The groom is the son of a very close family friend. Cindy and Bob have been long-time friends of my mother and this wedding was like a reunion of that whole crowd. 

A picture of the proud father of the groom and S/O Cindy.
It was a very productive weekend. Now I'm back in PDX and exhausted!

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Rebeca W-C said...

Beautiful cake! It sounds like a fun weekend.