Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11.26.10. I loved this day.

The day after Thanksgiving. We started the day off by going to the OR outlet's Black Friday gear sale(I go EVERY year) and picked up some new items that have become cherished winter clothing items. I LOVE that sale!

After that, we drove through my old neighborhood at Alki Beach, and made our way through the downtown area and up to Capitol Hill where we had brunch. Then, B took me to a place I had never been, which is funny since he's the one from the east coast. I saw Volunteer Park for the first time and loved it!

It felt like we were showing each other Seattle. It was a great day!

Pics from Volunteer Park-

I love this pic. the pic above that is-

Pike Place Market fun-

and... a little bit of photog fun.

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