Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello 2011!

What do you see when look at this photo?
I know right? There seem to be about 24 Jesus's.....
If you look close, you can actually see a small shaded blurry person in the middle. That's Bill on a skateboard, cruising down a hill. I'm jogging behind him. We had a late night excursion. Actually, we journeyed through the neighborhood and to Downtown Milwaukie to ring in the New Year at a local bar.
City hall in my cute town.
Gettin' my groove on....
B's attempt to skateboard over railroad tracks, despite my worries. Thank goodness there were no trips to the ER.

It was a fun little trip. Skateboarding is fun.

Happy New Year to all!

I think this might be a pretty darn good year.....

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