Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The best side trip EVER!!

After Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Bill and I had two days to take a side trip. I Love my cousin Alix and have wanted to see her again after having a great trip to Coupeville last Christmas. She and Brandon were both so gracious and welcomed Bill and I into their home.

We started our side trip by driving North, with a small side trip to Bainbridge Island. Bill lived there for 3 years. There is always time for a trip down memory lane.

Seattle skyline from Bainbridge Island.

We continued north to Port Townsend. I thought I had been to this town, but after driving up mainstreet, it was apparent that I had not. This town was so charming. I was ready to move there! We caught our ferry to Whidbey Island and had some photog fun on the brand new Ferry!

and the photog fun begins.....

Alix and Brandon: Thank you soooooo much for the fantastic authentic Indian food and West Coast Beer tour!! Your home is amazing and Bill and I had a great time hanging out with you! Please come to Portland, Oregon and visit us!!

How cute is their pup, Max?

We played a mean game of Taboo!

The Roos Family!

View from the car driving to Ebey's Landing. Coupeville is an amazing place!! I hope to go back very soon!

Thanks again Alix and Brandon for being the bests hosts ever!! Love you guys!

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