Sunday, January 30, 2011

raclette bday goodness

Who would have thought that one of my besties AND my boyfriend would share the exact same birthday, even the same year?? It's a smidge creepy I know, but at the same time it gave me an excuse to have a small celebration. I have been waiting to have a Raclette party. I first had Raclette in the Swiss Alps and have been dreaming of replicating my experience. A Raclette party is a great way to eat veggies, cheese and meat with friends. It takes a lot of prep work, but once the prep is done, it is a fun way to give your guests choices. The actual appliance could be compared to a hibachi grill. Basically, to prepare for a party like this, you pre-cook the ingredients and put the guests to work combining and cooking their own individual dishes. It's fun.

Did I mention that I also love to entertain in my house? So cozy!

Silly ladies!

Birthday cake time!

Erica and her youngest.
Apples to Apples provided good after meal entertainment.

Happy Birthday Betty!!!

Bill and his new Captain Hat. A gift from his buddy Joe, with whom he shares ownership of a new vessel.
Good times had by all! and Happy Bday to Mr. Bill and Miss Betty!

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