Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jingle Bell Run

This morning was awesome! Mom, Angie and I made it to downtown Seattle (no thanks to the snow and ice on the roads) for the Arthritis Foundation's annual Jingle Bell Run. Last night we picked up some discounted Christmas props to wear during the run. I wanted to find skirts for Angie and I, but when those weren't available my Mom pulled a MacGyver and found some discounted felt christmas tree skirts that could be pinned to look like skirts. 
It was really cold! The winds were strong and multiple layers helped ease the bitter cold. We were cold until about 3/4 through the first mile.We got a little goofy before starting the race.....
I asked Angie to make a muscle man pose. Grrrrr!
This was a huge event. Every year at least 10,000 people take part in one of the races available. 
Here is a pic of us right after finishing.  We were pretty excited and already looking forward to next year's event!
We were also joined by Angie's friend Jamie and her wonderful family. We will see two of them at the Danskin and again at next years Jingle Bell Run. 

It was a great way to spend the morning, but I am glad to be back inside away from the winds. Looks like driving to Portland tonight is a bad idea. Chains are required on all Portland streets. I guess I'll have to stay here until tomorrow with fresh soup and hot cocoa.... Darn!

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