Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Tis the season.....

.......to learn about Jesus

Some of you may have already seen the Frontline Series, "From Jesus to Christ". It was created in 1998 and describes how Christianity evolved from a historical perspective. There are several small episodes split into two parts. I finished Part 1 tonight and found it to be extremely interesting. I guess this is kind of a follow-up to a blog I posted several months ago after seeing Dr. Tabor talk about his book The Jesus Dynasty in Portland as part of the Illahee Lecture series. Dr. Tabor's work focused specifically on the life of Jesus, where this series focused more on how Jesus's life contributed the creation of early Christianity after his life ended.

This series examined the physical evidence we have about Jesus's existence and those who shared his story. It talked about how societal factors, such as political regimes and religious climates contributed to why and how populations adopted Jesus's teachings. I found myself continually envisioning how it would have been to be alive back then and what I would have done. There were so many parallels to how we as humans make decisions about what we believe in.... even today. Wars, conflicting religious beliefs, social class, efficacy of leadership (i.e. John the Apostle). These were all influential in the molding of how Christianity originated in its earliest days. All this in a free- easy to watch- credible- brief online series. Thanks Frontline!

This series is refreshing (or just half of it so far). It provides some food for thought, which brings me comfort in a world where we are all so quick to believe everything we hear or think we feel.  Check it out-

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