Thursday, December 11, 2008

say eeeh!

Somebody (to remain nameless at this time) in this picture celebrated a birthday today!
I'm such dork. I made everyone get together for a photo. "Everybody say EEEH!" 

For those of you who are reading and aren't family members, my Grandpa Chamberlin used to take pictures at EVERY single event that was considered noteworthy. He was a man's man, tough and hardy... stubbornly insisting that everyone gather together for a photo, as untimely and inconvenient as it always was. Then he would pull out his camera and his persona would change to that of a gentle elementary school teacher trying to get the class to pay attention. It wasn't everybody say cheese- it was everybody say eeeh. He sounded like a prepubescent boy and requested the eeeh with a big smile on his face.

Great man I tell you!  Here is to being the token cheesy photo person like my G-pa Cliff.

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