Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Mom's day-

Today was my Mom's 39th birthday! We got together for a great meal and fun with the kiddos!
Grandma Junette getting her fill of Mathew time.
My favorite and most rarely eaten, valve clogging appetizer- the deep fried onion block! SO GOOD!
Carrie and Darren looking cute for the camera.
I love to throw Mathew in the air, even though I will likely have happy saliva on my face. He loves to fly! Unfortunately, this boy weighs an amazing 30 lbs and he is only 1 year old! Hmm, which sport will he dominate? 
I can't get enough of this kid!
As always, it was great to get together. Dave gave it a 'thumbs up'.

We put our money together to buy Mom Gift Certificates for the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort in the Gorge. We are going to make a ladies weekend out of it sometime next spring. Happy Birthday Mommy! 

Next on the list of things to do while I'm in Seattle..... Jingle Bell Fun Run with Sis-in-law Angie tomorrow in Seattle.... In the snow! Can't wait to freeze my buns off!

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