Saturday, December 27, 2008

Long time no sushi!

My spendthrift approach to dining has meant that I have gone without some of my favorite types of specialty food. I haven't had sushi in ages (literally 4 months!), so when my friend Jadee called and invited me out for a Japanese inspired meal the day after Christmas, I was delighted!

Jadee and I go way back. We had 8th grade english together in Mr. Ellis's class. We've been fast friends ever since. We went to Wazzu together and were roommates for our freshman year in college. Even though our paths have gone in different directions over the years, we can always get together and pick up where we left off. 

We decided to start a tradition this year. We will have a wonderful Sushi meal around the Christmas holiday every year. This year Jadee treated Blaise (Jadee's significant other) and I, so the plan is to rotate who picks up the tab for the years to come. 

Looking forward to our next sushi meal Jade, and in the meantime you better come to Oregon and snowboard with me!

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