Friday, December 26, 2008

a white christmas....

Nothing says the Holidays like my Mom's pies.... pumpkin, banana cream, pecan, chocolate... YUMMY!

This year Darren and Carrie hosted dinner. I think Darren calculated that he had prepared 32 lbs. of prime rib and turkey. Dinner was delicious- Thank you Phillips family for such a tasty meal!
Santa was good to everyone this year. I think the award for most surprised gift receiver was Christian. He had no idea that his parents would actually buy him an Ipod touch. This tiny personal computer is awesome and Christian told me this was his best Christmas yet. Way to go Mom and Dad!
Of course holding little (I mean big) Mathew is a gift in and of itself. Mom was enjoying his cuteness.

Dave and Grandma Junette were enjoying the good company.
This pic is of Will with a large green dinosaur I picked up on super sale at Fred Meyer. He got tons of dinosaur stuff, but his Mom said all he wanted was a big green dinosaur! It was meant to be. This is the dinosaur that Will loves to hate. It makes a scary growling sound, which is perfect for when Will is body slamming it. 
Have to give props to Darren for MAKING, yes making all by himself, a poker table which went home with Dave. I think poker is okay, but this table made me want to sit down and anty up.

Thanks everyone for such a great day! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas...

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