Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back in Seattle

I'm home. It kind of feels like I have woken from a wonderful dream. Reality bites. I spent time with the family last night after several hours without sleep, but it is always recharging to see the siblings and their children. I will drive home today and get ready to get back on the horse.
My goals for the next few days include:
-getting back to Portland
-getting my body clock back on track
-going back to work without resigning
-getting a jump on my dissertation powerpoint for my defense meeting
-grade assignments for my online class
-figuring out how to free space on my computer so I can download the rest of my trip pics
-catching up on my blogging (this will take a while!)
Goals for the next few months:
-defend successfully (fingers crossed!)
-figure out what I want to do when I grow up
-train for the danskin
-estudio espanol
-learn how to knit
-pick up the guitar again
-read fiction books!
-go camping. A Lot.
-buy my OR fishing license
(the last few on this list were generated while travelling)

I'm tired, but rejuvanted. More later. Now, I have to get back to washing the Amazon schmutz out of my clothes!

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