Saturday, May 31, 2008

Round 2- Cuzco

I left New Jersey the morning after the wedding. My time in NJ was very busy. I was with Jess during the day and stayed up till 3am everynight working on my dissertation. I continued to work on the paper in Peru. We spent the night in the airport while waiting for our flight to Cuzco and I was able to get a ton more done. I ended up sending it out a few days later before heading to Machu Pichu. It felt really good to push 'send'!

This was the main square in Cuzco. The town itself was colonial style and was very charming. We stayed at Los Aticos, which was a bit removed, but worth the savings. This city was very busy, with shopping, tourists, street vendors, bars and tons of restaurants. Heather and I were very careful about eating during the first few days of our trip because we didn't want to spend our day at Machu Pichu in the bano!
My explorations in alpaca fashion.
We ended up in the shopping district, which was not near the tourist attractions. It was cold in Cuzco, but not cool enough to be leaving ra meet out. Along with these lovely noses, we saw a woman eating raw frog legs, some sort of large animal male anatomy, guinea pig dishes, etc. Heather and I were starving before we entered the shopping district, but had no appetite when we left. Even now I can remember the smells as if I were there.

We visited some Incan ruins that were just outside of Cuzco named Sacsayhuamen pronounced “sexy woman”. These ruins were not very complete because 80% of the stones used in their construction were taken removed to build homes in downtown Cuzco. Nonetheless, they were cool!

We found Baby's twin in Peru! I had to take pictures, not realizing that the dog had an owner and they awkwardly asked for money for the pictures I had taken?!? It didn't take us long to figure out that we had big tourists signs on our head encouraging everyone to ask us for money. Good times.

This is a picture of one of our taxi drivers. He looked like a Peruvian Danny Devito. Oh yeah, that is the Christo Blanco in the background. Not as grande as the one in Rio, but still a very cool JC.Heather and I with Cuzco in the background.

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