Sunday, May 4, 2008

the "can't do withouts"

I really am leaving for Peru soon. I can't believe it!! My schedule is a bit complicated. I have three big things that are kind of being combined into one flowing timeline. I actually planned it this way..... As most of you know, I have been furiously working on my dissertation, which is now being edited and corrected by my professor, and two friends (shout out to the friends- You Rock!). I'm hoping to have these corrections on Monday, making the changes throughout the week and out to the committee on Saturday. Here is where it gets complicated. My friend Jess is getting married next Saturday, in New Jersey and I am in her wedding. I will fly from Seattle to the East coast on Wednesday. Then I will be making corrections and helping her with wedding details, rehearsal dinner, etc until her wedding on Saturday. Fingers crossed- my paper will be gloriously edited and a beautiful version will go out on Saturday, giving my committee one full month to read through it. Then, on Sunday, I will fly to Peru for about 17 days. So, I'm working on monday, leaving Portland on Tuesday, hopefully with a clean apartment, happy pets (Thanks Mom for petsitting!) and everything I will ever need in my big ol' back pack. For now, I am focusing on the things that will keep me alive. Malaria pills, first aid kit, protein rich foods, super strong bug repellent, etc.

Yes. I actually purposely planned to have a schedule like this. What was I thinking? I know. I was thinking about how much of a procrastinator I am and how I probably would have not sat down and typed out my dissertation if I had not had a goal to work for. Some things never change I guess.

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