Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just a few pics....

WOW! Machu Pichu was Amazing! I am having some camera/computer problems and can´t download all of my pics, but these are a few from our visit to Machu Pichu yesterday. Peru is beautiful and our short four days have days have been full of new experiences. We are back in Cuzco and off to the Amazon Jungle on Saturday. I will post more pics and descriptions when I have a better computer connection and free up some space on my hard drive for more pics.

Peruvian children in Olytantambo village, a stop on her way to Machu Pichu.

We hiked up Wayna Pichu, which is a mt. next to Machu Pichu. They only allow 400 people per day for safety reasons. Heather and I were the first two to enter! It was amazing and very scary as evidenced by the next picture of my foot over a ledge. Seriously, it was really high and one stumble and it is all over.

This is by far my favorite picture of all the pictures we took. Just looking at it makes my stomach uneasy..... again.

The large peak behind the village is Wayna Pichu. It was a very steep climb and the following pic is what Heather and did after our long day, which started at 4am!

More pics to come!

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Carrie said...

Beautiful pics Beth! Hope you're having a good time - Happy Birthday!