Friday, May 2, 2008

photo inspiration

It has been a long week, or a long month, actually it has been a very long last 9 months. Friday night on the couch in my jammies never felt so good. I hit REI and their anniversary sale today after work. I had a list of items needed for Peru and spent the evening picking up; deet bug spray, bug clothing spray repellent, clif bars for Peru, polarized sunglasses to protect my new eyeballs, malaria pills, and antibiotics for if and when I get travelers diarrhea. Yep, my future may be filled with upset stomach, vomiting and loose stools. Not my favorite situation to be in--in a third world country feeling like crap-- but at this point I don't even care. I keep thinking about the photographic opportunities I will have while I am traveling around Peru. So tonight I will sit on my butt and catch my breath. I will also continue to look at a site I found while perusing other blogspots.

This professional photographer (Jakob Schiller) posts pictures he takes for his various photographic journalist commitments and I am addicted to almost every shot he snaps. Amazing photos filled with life and meaning. I'm a fan.

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