Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Best surprise I have EVER been a part of!

Two and a half weeks ago I flew to the East Coast to surprise my friend Jess for her wedding shower and bachelorette party. It was really difficult to not say anything and luckily everyone involved was great about keeping the secret, including the bridal store where all the dresses were purchased. The shower itself was a surprise for Jess, so she was overwhelmed from the beginning. I waited patiently after flying out to see her, renting a car and staying at her sister's house the night before.
Finally, it was my turn to come downstairs and give Jess and appletini.

I was so nervous I was shaking and when I finally got to see her, we cried a little bit.
Then we posed for cheesy pictures, and I was still shaking out of excitement! It was the best surprise I have ever been inlvolved in! After partaking in the shower activities, we all headed East about 40 minutes to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We even had the tank tops that said 'Bridesmaid' and Jess wore her Mrs. Miller to be tank. It was a blast! Turns out, there were about 37 other bachelorette/bachelor parties, which was cool but definitely influenced our free drink quota by the end of the evening.

Eventually I was able to get back into the East coast groove! The booty-shakin dance floor was a bit different than the swanky SE Portland hangouts I have been frequenting.

Looking forward to shaking my booty again this weekend at the wedding! Off again to New Jersey first thing tomorrow morning. If I don't blog much, it is because I'm either finishing dissertation details, in a wedding, or in Peru.
Adios Amigos!

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babybuddhalover said...

ugh! The formatting is terrible on this post! No time to Fix, have to drive to Seattle.