Sunday, June 1, 2008

a break from the rounds

I figured out how to free space on my computer and was able to successfully download all 1400 pics that Heather and I took! Started blogging, but have been slowed by the most amazing bug. The minute I stepped off the plane I started sneezing and had a runny nose. I assumed this was allergies since Cottonwood and Scotchbroom are in peak bloom right now. I was wrong. My body is so sick right now that I have been in bed, on my back since I got home on Friday night. Made an attempt to hit the Milwaukie Saturday market today and lasted just long enough to get my three fresh mini-donuts. Dizziness, coughing, runny nose and body fatigue forced me right back to bed. The reason this 'bug' is so amazing is because it has progressed so fast and I'm hoping this will continue until it is gone! I was sick last fall for a whole month and this bug is at the chest cough stage after 3 days! I took an expectorant and started to cough up stuff about 7 minutes later! It's nuts. I think it is a testament to how comprimised my immune system is from pushing it to the limit this last 3 or so months. I have tomorrow off, so I'm hoping it will work it's way through my body before I head back on Tuesday.

Just an FYI, I added a photo page link on this blog. It is in the right hand column and is entitled, 'as I see it'. I guess you could say it is my own little picture page.

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