Sunday, June 22, 2008

They are dropping like flies!

Congratulations Sara and Trevor! Mr. And Mrs. Smith became husband and wife on June 21, 2008, despite the freak thunderstorm that moved the ceremony inside. It was still beautiful and the bride was STUNNING!!
Are you ready to see a picture of the best wedding cake I have ever had? Look below-
In this particular picture the aesthetic qualities are not great. However, this cake in my mouth was heaven. Moist, melt in your mouth, perfect amount of frosting sweetness good. Loved it!
Happy Pic with a happy friend and an even happier bride! Love you SARA!
I also was very fortunate to have an invitation to stay at Sara and Trevor's place. This meant I was allowed to spend time with their family... of loving animals. Two dogs, two cats. This little black and white puppy is a new addition. He was found wandering the halls of Sara's High school(she is a teacher) and somehow 'Moo' ended up at their house and is now happily bugging his big brother 'Powder'.
The following picture is of Powder and me on the couch. Honestly, I love Baby to death, but her skittish qualities do not make her the best snugglebug. This full grown Corgi let me snuggle with him and it was great (as you can see on my face).
To Sara and Trevor: Thank you for sharing your home, pets and special day with me. I can't wait to see how your family continues to grow, and I'm not talking about Moo! See you soon for camping in Oregon!

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Trevor and Sara said...

Your blog just made my day! I love you!