Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Round 7 Mancora- part 2

The Playa Bonita had a GREAT restaurant and we had our own waiter/butler named Vincent or Vincente. We ate several meals on the sundeck with our friends Becca and Jeff for basically pennies compared to food at home. We were also spoiled because a massage therapist came to our hotel on two occasions and gave us all cheap 1 hour massages. My first one was on the beach under the warm sun. It was incredible!
Heather gave me this cute card on my birthday with a little 'perfect' growing man. You know, one of those 'for the handsome man of your dreams - just add water'. We made an activity of it and after I gave him a little good luck kiss, I threw him into the pool.
Unfortunately, it was a slow growth process and I will have to wait patiently. I don't know how much patience I have left.
Becca and Jeff playing in the surf. So this was my first time surfing without a wetsuit. It was great, but I guess I understand why rashguards are useful if you aren't using a wetsuit. I had, and actually still have, a rash on my stomach. After spending hours out in the surf, I found a new use for my chapstick. Sounds strange, but it felt so good! I'm still fishing pieces of sand out of that particular chapstick. he he. Heather got some serious boogie boarding in! I figure a sunset picture is the best way to wrap up Mancora. There really are no words for how relaxed I was able to get being there. It was hard to leave, but I was so glad I went. Till next time....

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