Friday, June 27, 2008

World's largest gathering of organic brewers right here in Portland!

Yup! That's what I went to this evening. I felt it was appropriate that I attend this festival because it was an organic brewer here in Portland that turned me onto beer about 6 months ago!

Roots Brewery is responsible for the transformation of my tastebuds that has already saved me a ton of money! I mean seriously, beer is so much cheaper than mixed drinks and wine. Now I actually like it. Especially the yuppie Heather Beer from Roots. The event was an eclectic mix of hippies, cyclists, baby boomers, etc. There were no drunk people, just a lot of relaxing on the cool grass and mingling with other Portlanders.

A few pics.This is a picture of me and my coworker buddies, Sally and Jamie. They are very cool girls who help me maintain my sanity by making me laugh at work. They are both leaving my program and on to nursing school and grad school in the midwest. It is sad, but I am so happy to see them go on to new adventures.


relaxing on the cool grass while listening to live music.....

Good stuff!

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