Sunday, June 1, 2008

Round 3- Machu Pichu

Our journey to Machu Pichu started at the local bus station. (see the bus bathroom in the picture below). We rode the bus for about an hour to another city where we shared a taxi with a few people to Olytantambo. We hung out there for a while until our train left for Aquas Caliente. We stayed their for two nights. From this town, Machu Pichu is a 20 minute bus ride away.
Picture from the back of the bus window.
Heather being funny in Olytantambo. I love that girl!
We left for Machu Pichu at 5:30 and were literally the the 6th and 7th person to enter the grounds. We pretty much raced to the base of Wayna Pichu because we knew we wanted to have a view from the top of that peak. My friend Tina had just travelled to the region and said it was a must. When we got there we understood why. The following video clip is from atop Wayna Pichu. It was a grueling hike, but well worth it.

We returned back to the center and yet the views continued to be breathtaking.
We also took a trail to view a bridge that the Incans constructed. We came across a friend along the way and couldn't leave without a picture.Yep. We are goofy and completely travel compatible.We had drinks with two UK girls that night in Aquas Caliente.

We scheduled Machu Pichu first because we wanted to ensure we would get there while in Peru. It was amazing and I'm still scratching my head over how they built such a magnificent city so long ago with no wheels or pulleys. Just nuts. We took a train back to Cuzco and prepared for the next leg of our trip. Luckily, a few guys we had met recommended we stay at a certain jungle lodge near Iquitos. Their recommendation was great and I have the pics to prove it!

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