Friday, June 6, 2008

Round 5- Amazon part 2

The day we went fishing it was very hot. We had no luck, but managed to watch a boat full of men pulling nets. They were working so hard and were jumping in with all their clothes on to cool off. Heather and I decided that we wanted to swim. I love the following pic of Heather preparing to jump.

It was my turn. Louis almost got all of me.
Afterwards we were up to our usual antics. We tried to get Willie (I think that was his name) to be silly too, but he clearly couldn't match our nuttiness. I can't look at this picture without laughing.

More Amazon life..... little monkey Heather and the anaconda
The Toucan The walking stick insect

girl alone in a dark jungle (Heather and I found ourselves out one night without our guide. ooohh.. scary!)

I love this pic. Spending time on the water was a highlight of the trip.
Breathtaking sunsetThis was our last pic before leaving.

I loved the Amazon! Hope to go back someday.

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