Thursday, June 19, 2008

Round 8- Last PERU BLOG! I promise!

Hurry up and finish with these posts already!!! My Goodness!

Okay, just a few more things to mention about our trip..... After leaving Mancora(which was extremely difficult), we headed back to Piura for what we thought would be a boring, dry, dusty old town. We were so wrong. We found a nice, clean, affordable hotel fairly easily. Dropped off our stuff and ended up getting manicures and pedicures for about $5 a person. It was great. Then off to shop and see Indiana Jones. Not sure who saw this movie, and I don't want to ruin anything so look away if you don't want the details, but the movie was in Peru! Cuzco and Iquitos, which were the first two travel destinations on our trip. It was very cool to see Peru on the big screen in Peru! After that, we had some Bembo's( I will talk about that in a future food from Peru blog) and went back to the hotel for a comfortable nights rest.

Piura centre plaza
The next morning, (early around 5am morning) we headed to the airport, caught our flight to Lima, checked or bags in a locker and spent the day walking around Lima before our red eye back to the states. From the airport we caught one of the scariest cab rides I have ever had, and made it to the coastal area, which was much nicer than the inner city slums.

This touristy area was very cool because it was perched on these huge cliffs! We had a great meal on the cliff restaurant and watched the surfers from above. Very relaxing. We spent the rest of the day walking around and shopping for souvenirs. We were exhausted, but ready to fall asleep on the plane.
This picture was from the Atlanta airport. We were back and getting on different planes, Heather to LA then PDX and me to SEATTLE.
It was an amazing trip. Not much else to say.

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