Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day DADS!!!

Today was father's day and unfortunately I had no contact with other fathers in the family except for a phone call to my DAD. This year was my first year without a grandpa. Grandpa Mel passed away this past year and I just realized how lucky I have been to have my grandpas in my life for as long as I did. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to post pics of my own DAD and the other Dad's in the family. This first picture was my first experience swimming in Puget Sound. Not sure how many of you have taken the plunge, but is really really cold. My face shows the chill that was overcoming my body. I think Dad was trying to keep as much of my body out of the water, but really I was just pushing him down. Good times. I loved our boat times.
This was the last pic of all the Chamberlin men, (well almost all-the two on the right are Phillips) before Grandpa Cliff passed away. From left to right: my Dad, Cousin, Uncle, Grandpa, Brother, Brother-in-law and Christian when he was just a wee little lad. He turned 15 yesterday! Where does the time go? I had to post a picture of my Grandpa Mel too. This was us at my high school graduation. That was what, 27 years ago? At least it feels that way. He was such a great guy!
Lastly, the fine picture above was my Dad's daily work attire. No, not really. This was his interpretation of miss piggy for Halloween one year. I'm pretty sure I was mortified. So mortified that I must have cut my own bangs that short.

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