Sunday, September 14, 2008


Enough was enough. I finally did something about my lack of workout motivation and signed up for a fitness bootcamp. I know this seems extreme, but my inability to kick my own A back into shape was really wearing on me, so I signed up for a M-F 4-week fitness bootcamp run by a personal trainer and gym owner in Sellwood. The last bootcamp class was this past friday. It was exactly what I needed. The group met at a large church in Clackamas every morning from 6:30 to 7:30.

The workouts included tons of strength training circuits with weights, running, stair climbing, etc. When it wasn't raining, we exercised outdoors. I enjoyed this camp immensely because I could count on experiencing pain every morning. I haven't had time to get to the gym for measurements yet, but I can report that in the before and after push-up test I completed nearly the same amount of push-ups, only the first time around they were from the knee push-ups. I'm feeling strong again and loving it!

On the last day, the trainer pulled me aside and said that if I did the bear crawl for nearly a quarter mile under 9 minutes without standing or slowing, he would comp my next camp. Out of all those at the bootcamp, I was definitely the most financially needy and wanted to get the most bang for my buck! I pushed myself consistently from day 1 to day 20. He knew how much I would appreciate the opportunity to come back on his bill. So, my fellow campers snapped cell phone shots while I made my way around the loop. The experience has been awesome and I'm looking back to starting up again in late October!My goal now is to continue getting up early for morning runs and weight training. Hopefully this jump start will continue to fuel my motivation!

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