Monday, September 15, 2008

S-u-N-n-Y s-A-t-U-r-D-a-Y

Saturday was another busy, but fun weekend day. My surfing buddy Sophie and I headed to the coast again to get some time on the waves. I rented a fish board to see how it compared to my big boat of a 9' board. The board was 6'8" in length, it was more narrow and it had a raised table top making it difficult to grip and jump up. While I was learning this new board, Sophie was doing great on my board. We both managed to get up several times, which was an accomplishment since the surf was relatively flat and powerless. I think we may be able to get out next weekend, only I'm going to rent the fish I had originally wanted for this past weekend.
We rushed home (not without getting the customary dipped cone from DQ) so I could turn in my board by the assigned 6pm time.
I also had plans to go out for a birthday celebration with new and old friends. J. Grube is very good friend who lives in Philomath and who I do not get to see enough. Her best friend Tiffani celebrated a birthday the day before and we planned to hit the town. We started out at the Portland City grill and below is Tiffani's Pork Tenderloin. I went small with a spicy tuna sushi roll.
My goodness the restaurant was swanky and I felt like half the people there were speaking Japanese, which provided me with several eavesdropping practice opportunities.
We managed to find our way to some great spots. In the pic below, Me, Christina and Tiffani(the b-day girl).
And of course the obligatory Jen and Beth pic. Seriously, Jenny is so much fun to go out with and she is also one of the most compassionate and genuine people I know. We could go years without seeing each other and then sit down for immediate meaningful conversation. I always learn a lot from her and her outlook on life. Did I mention that she has the cutest family you have ever seen? Love her!

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