Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sport of the Day: Golf

A group of us decided to hit the driving range today to get some practice swings in. First of all, I love golf and wish I had the finances to really work on my game. It is absolutely one of those sports that demands persistent practice and relentless commitment. For now, hitting a bucket of balls every other week will have to do.

My original goal was to post a short history of golf, but it turns out that several versions of golf have been played in many different countries for the past 900 years, starting in China! Who would have thunk it? It was generally agreed that the Golf we know today came to be in Scotland in the 15th century. I decided that interesting golf facts were less laborious to research and summarize.

Here are a few golf facts for you-

  • The World's Longest Golf Course is the International Golf Club in Massachusetts, a long par 77, 8325-yards, from the tiger tees.
  • The World's Highest Golf Course is the Tactu Golf Club in Morococha, Peru, which sits 14,335 feet above sea level at its lowest point.
  • The Longest Hole in the World is the 7th hole (par 7) of the Sano Course at the Satsuki Golf Club in Japan. It measures a long 909 yards.
  • The World's Largest Bunker is Hell's Half Acre on the 585-yard 7th hole of the Pine Valley Course in New Jersey.
  • The World's Largest Green is that of the 695-yard, 5th hole, a par 6 at the International Golf Club in Massachusetts, with an area in excess of 28,000 square feet.

Also a few photos from our afternoon. Tim swung like a pro for not playing in 12 years! Heather and her bf Matt taking a snuggle break.
Oh geez, you can't take me anywhere!Heather about to smack the ball.
.... And of course, what is golf with out post-game beer at our favorite organic brewery, Roots!

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